Muslim Ban? (For Normies)

Argumentative essay: written for school.


The U.S should allow refugees to be banned in Trump’s executive order because Trump’s presidential victory gives him the mandate to impose a travel ban, it is within the president’s powers to restrict immigration especially when it comes to the safety of their citizens, and the immigration act of 1965 was passed fraudulently and therefore should be repealed and disregarded. Additionally, an influx of refugees from the Middle East will increase the risk of terror attacks and crime as. Next taking in migrants from the Middle East will conflict our values and change the country for worse. Finally, the refugees are not U.S citizens and therefore the government is not morally obligated to serve them but they are obligated to serve its people.

Imposing restrictions on immigration are within the president’s power. First one of Trump’s campaign promises was to restrict immigration. This immigration includes illegal from mainly Latin America and legal immigration from namely the Middle East. Since he won the election and since that was Trump’s main policy was revolved around immigration. Additionally, we know that the president has the power to restrict immigration. According to the supreme court case in 1950 Knauff v. Shaughnessy that it is not in the power of any court to review the determination to exclude an alien after a decision made by the executive branch. The ruling also states that nobody has a right to be granted admission into this country and that it is a privilege.

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The immigration act of 1965 was passed fraudulently and was only meant to be window dressing for our interests abroad during the cold war. Next, the people pushing the bill lied. They said that it wouldn’t restructure the shape of our lives and was only a ceremonial act that wouldn’t have much effect in restructuring our immigration policy. When we look at the effects the act had today we can see that all the reassurances were a lie. In the congressional record, many were quoted as saying only a few thousand would end up here as a result but in reality, it was 10s of millions. Senator Claiborne said that the act would not open the floodgates of immigration. The immigration act of 1965 had been the large justification for our immigration policy for 50 years. It has been the main impediment on Trump’s executive order and threatens the security of our country and its constituents. Since many supreme court rulings have explicitly given the president the power to control immigration even any act put in place by congress that overlaps the president’s power is null because of the judicial branch’s ruling and due to checks and balances. Finally, since local courts have been the issue for the executive order they should be disregarded as they don’t have the power to challenge the president’s authority on immigration as enumerated in the Supreme court case Knauff v. Shaughnessy.

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Taking in migrants from the Middle East will increase the risk of terror and crime. In Germany when you look at the crime statistics since the influx of refugees we see a meteoric rise in crime: Drug-related crime 19 percent; pickpocketing 24 percent; homicide 33 percent; and burglary 43 percent. In Sweden, we see a 1472 percent increase in rapes. According to the gatestone institute, people who were foreign-born in Sweden were only around two times more likely to commit rape pre 2000s but now in Sweden foreign born citizens are up to 19.5 times more likely to commit rape.

All around the world since 9/11 Islamic terrorists have committed over 30,000 attacks and in Europe around 300 attacks also it is important to note that the attacks in Europe do not include Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo, or any other predominantly Islamic countries. Additionally, according to the US Department of Homeland Security Islamic terrorists are successfully infiltrating refugee populations. Finally, we see a mass crime which was not only due to Muslims but due to refugees themselves. In Cologne, over 1,000 women were sexually assaulted during new year’s eve and most of this was perpetrated by refugees. Only 13 percent of refugees found work during their stay in Germany and this is after the politicians said it would help the economy due to the labor shortage. Finally, we can look at specific crime rates based on country of origin in Germany unlike France or other countries as they do not collect that data. This data is important because it shows the type of people we are letting into our country. Based on murder rates alone the top 10 nationalities are from Islamic countries and some of these murder rates are 10-20 times higher than that of native Germans. When it comes to rape the top 12 countries are Islamic not only that but many of these groups rape at 10 times the rate of native Germans.

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This could be you or your daughter if we do not act now!

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Taking in migrants from the Middle East will conflict with our values and change the country for worse. In the west, we support fair trials and no cruel or unusual punishments but according to the Quran, the punishment for leaving the religion is death. The punishment for homosexuality is death. The price of being a nonbeliever is having a heavy tax put upon you. If you steal you get a hand chopped off. These are all forms of cruel and unusual punishment. Next, we see the hatred of infidels. Many jihads have been called in the past and these always meant war and murder to infidels. According to Sharia law, a man is allowed to have up to 4 wives while in the west we are a monogamous society. Not only this but according to sharia court rulings in Nigeria the punishment for having more than 4 wives is death. Muhammad had sex with girls as young as 9 and even married one of his son’s wives. According to accounts given by one of the Prophet Muhammad’s many wives her and the other wives had the task of constantly washing the semen off his clothes and he even sometimes went to prayer with the stains on his clothes. In many Islamic countries women are not allowed to drive and often times schools for girls are burned to the ground. If a woman is raped they will often be charged with adultery or be used for an honor killing for disgracing a family. In many European countries, groups of Islamic immigrants have already instituted “Sharia patrols” these patrols are militant groups who impose Islamic law upon secular western countries. In Copenhagen, bars have been vandalized and its patrons have been harassed without end. The youths have used explosives and have smashed windows and have also tried to ask businesses for “protection money.” In Vienna Austria, a sharia patrol attempted to abduct two young girls and when the dad showed up to protect his daughters the gang attacked him.

Many claim that we have a moral obligation based on the past to bring in more refugees as we have done in the past due to conflicts like WWII. They also say that our European allies are taking millions while we have only taken a thousand or two. They say that we risk losing clout and risk losing face as being a humanitarian country. They also say that refugees will benefit the population economic because in WWII we had many skilled Jewish and Eastern European scholars come to staff universities. Others say that although European refugee attempts have been failures due to many refugees imposing themselves upon countries illegally without vetting thus causing terrorists, criminals, and startling demographics to show up. Not only have millions flooded major cities and displaced natives but 72% of the refugees are men. The Europeans were promised to get children and women.

Saying that we have a moral obligation to anyone other than our own citizens is absurd. The government which we select is supposed to serve our interests and not those of foreign nationals. Saying that because we did something in the past means we have to do it in the future is ridiculous especially given the fact that not all groups of refugees are the same. In world war two we were taking in Europeans and as an outpost of Europe, America was an easy place for them to assimilate. The Europeans we took in were also from countries that are way more developed and have a higher quality of people. Next, saying that we must take them because our European allies are is not a good thing because I just stated earlier what is happening in Europe as a result of the influx of refugees. Finally, just because we can vet better doesn’t mean we can stop bad people from getting into our country. One American is worth more than all the refugees in the world as that is who the government is supposed to serve. Finally, the more Muslims we have in America the more people we have who can be radicalized by quranic literalists and Isis. The more people we have who are radicalized the less ability we will have to track them we saw this in France where people on the watch list were able to carry out an attack due to the fact that the government cannot track everybody at once.

To conclude letting refugees in is a huge decision one that can be entirely decided by the president but also a decision that should not be decided by rich bureaucrats but by the people that will feel the direct effects of living with them. People should be given the facts about what is happening in Europe despite their government’s best attempts to cover it up. There should be a dialogue and all voices should be heard including those from Europe. Now is not the time for propaganda or lies but the truth and a referendum to gauge the population’s views on the opinion. This should not be voted on by the congressional bureaucrats yet because they do not represent their constituents on these issues as that was not a part of the dialogue when they ran. This is a big decision that is looming and one that we need to address as we can no longer beat around the bush.


I’m not proud of this work, but I feel that it is a watershed for myself. I began to see my delusions after publishing it, hence, the right wing argument in favor of securing leftism and decadence.


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Idiotic Ramblings from my Journal #1

This should give you an idea of where my mind is.


[Redacted] Anyway… I want to donate to a sperm bank, but I’m too young. I meet the intellectual requirements (soon to be attending an elite university) as well as the height requirements of all the places I have found. I am also quite certain that my looks are enough to win me points in this game of non-communicative selection. I also want more information on having a big family and the best way to go about doing such a thing. Nothing I want more. I look to America’s history, and the big families come from the Mormons and the Catholics, however, today, I don’t believe (in a utilitarian sense) in the Catholic faith. I’m thinking about Orthodox Christianity. It is increasingly difficult in today’s society to find a woman who is game to face such a challenge or burden. I understand. Not only is the idea, the intimate idea, not too appealing to most, but most women of intelligence will be attending university. Graduating at 21, they are almost too old to start a large family. Sad! I want a nice 16 year old to start making babies with, however, society looks down upon such a thing. I do not envy those men who get women pregnant in high school you may be shocked to find, as this is not a conscious act. Their primitive mind willed them to act recklessly, and the result was an unexpected one. I on the other hand, have plans. These plans, unlikely to be enacted, yet still tenable. I will be able to support a family. They will not. If my balls were to be hacked off today, would I commit suicide? I don’t know, but I would act like a castrato, a eunuch, shamed, mopey, willess. I would do my best to sacrifice for my family, but a chunk would certainly be missing (hehe). I realize, after reading this, that, although more educated than my radical counterparts (Dylann Roof, Eric Harris ect.) I come across as obsessive, irrationally so. No. I have my reasons. I believe in tradition. The singular tradition, transcendent, surviving in every ancestor before me, billions of years, was one of the will to reproduce, or the ability to reproduce. In a world filled with danger and extremes, ice ages, meteors, extinction, famine, destruction of homeland, conflict, tribal genocide, I prevail. Everyone on earth prevailed. Who am I, selfish and coddled, to break this chain? What say do I have in this? None. None at all. My ancestors that had one child, my ancestors that died for their child, my ancestors who died in childbirth, my ancestors who gave everything, did it for me. I am the legacy that they left. I am what they died for. And for me to choose not to reproduce, is a spit in the face of millions, even billions. Men greater, infinitely so, than myself. Me, a plebian, ending their legacy. They aren’t remembered, but they exist. So, when someone tells me they don’t plan on having children, I shed a tear, not for them, I loathe them, but for the billions they flipped off, spat on, denigrate. What they chose, is worse than a holocaust, worse than destroying a graveyard, worse than slapping your mother, what they did cannot be rectified. What they did is beyond their life. This is an open letter to those hedons, those whiney, stupid thots in my class, who dye their hair blue, yet decry the ugliness of “feminazis.” Bitch, to call them nazis, brings shame upon the nazis, because nazism wouldn’t have stood for such, but rather stood for construction, love, and beauty, not destruction, a denigration. I understand that this journal, if found/released (certainly because of my own doing) is to be found in anything resembling our era, it will not reflect well upon me. I don’t mind. Why lie to myself. Why lie to those interested in truly learning who I am/was. To ramble, I read the classics: Dickens, Hemingway, Paine ect. and notice how insane their writing styles are, and it infuriates me. I hope this is not how I am being perceived right now, and if it is, then, please understand that this is my intention, for I can respect an author such as James Joyce for his concerted effort in manipulating the english language, no matter how much contempt that sort of condescension stirs up in me. He deserves the clemency. He is brilliant and I reserve judgement. Also, to track back to perceptions of my writing, and my predictions about their reception, if you look at my era and see it for the clownishness of what it is/was, I applaud you. I know one thing in full certainty, and that is that the age I live in is a decadent and filthy one, doomed for failure. If we were at peak prosperity during this time, let me be the first to tell you that this seeming material advantage we have, as expressed by Steven Pinker and his ilk, is at the expense of all else. Our incomes are up, our time spent occupied by our phones is up. Our standard of living goes up, our communities are nonexistent and lack trust. We are areligious, and we are atomized. I’m confident that this areligiocity cannot last. I know this because the idea is a destructive one. No matter the truth, it serves no purpose. It damages community and the spirit of our nation. Even the religious have let their religions be perverted to the point of apathy. Let me say this: despite my numerous anti-islam comments, it’s a front. I have a deep respect for the religion, the fanaticism, traditionalism, and familial structures it engenders. I am against the Arabic people in my homeland. They are a threatening people because of their religion when mixed in our societies. They outbreed us, and their men have no qualms with taking our women, rendering them and their progeny theirs. As long as women stay loyal to the race, the men may venture into other, bleaching, or muddying the one they invade. This loyalty of men is important in the west right now because polygamy is largely unacceptable, and failure to take one of your own forces her to find a suitor and this dice roll may lead to a member of the outgroup. I don’t blame these women, I find it sad, but I don’t blame them. Weak men seeking a reproductive advantage granted them this free will, their privileges were not granted to them by their own force, but by men they coerced through wielding their sexuality. Weak men who should have been exiled. Men within a tribe mustn’t be divided, especially not by women. When such a thing is true, the tribe deteriorates and fails to function.


I apologize for my prose. This was meant for myself, but I decided to publish this so that I may reach the ready ears of one.